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Business Don’t Sleep // LOOKBOOK

15 Apr 2014 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

An artistic lookbook featuring James wearing the ‘BUSINESS DON’T SLEEP’ print on each singlet & t-shirt garment style; a tribute to weekend afternoons and the beauty of new surroundings. Images shot entirely on location in Newcastle, NSW with graphic design also provided by James. Please click here to download the PDF: BUSINESS DON’T SLEEP // […]

Tom’s Welsh Peanut & Honey Protein Slice

28 Sep 2013 / in Food

Super quick and easy to make, delicious high protein / calorie peanut & honey slice. Recently we had the privilege of meeting a lovely Welsh tourist named Tom out here in Australia on a working holiday, who (in-between sharing manually chipping away at brown concrete, hilariously referred to as “dirt”) was nice enough to let […]

Lawson // Blue Mountains // R&R

tree change office space.
30 Jun 2013 / in Photos

We managed to sneak away last weekend for four or five days to Lawson in the Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia. Originally meant to just be an overnight stay, the lure of solid R&R in such beautiful country was just too tempting to resist. Popped off a few photos here and there, even got a few […]

Guilty by Association // FANS

anonymously submitted SBLA graffiti trackside piece
21 Jun 2013 / in Photos

Eternal love to all the homies.. Past, present and future. Always.

SIREN painting “Skinny Brunette” for ‘F.T.T.F’

21 Jun 2013 / in Photos

A few stills from way back when SIREN ATD kindly put together the exceptionally tasty “SKINNY BRUNETTE” piece you see below for us, whilst we were shooting the debut launch SBLA launch film “From Then ‘Till Forever”. Funk for days // fuck the law. Link to the video and some footage of the piece coming […]

Verity // Poolside

Verity Poolside - SBLA : Skinny Brunette Lifestyle Association
20 Jun 2013 / in Photos

Wash Day // 1983 16V 4AGE AE71 Toyota Corolla

SBLA - Skinny Brunette Lifestyle Association - AE71 1 - ae71 ae86 4age toyota corolla vintage 16v ssr jdm stance old retro brown beige recaro trd speedhunters stanceworks lowisalifestyle low is a lifestyle lowlife mesh meshies low lowlyfe sweep tuck re001 potenza ADM ke70 initial D anime takumi tofu
14 Jun 2013 / in Photos

Been meaning to take some decent photos of her for a while. Spent an entire weekend cleaning from top to bottom, and the result is as you see. She was never built to be a track car, just to be a nice daily cruiser, so the mods have been kept tasteful and as un-back breaking […]

Valley // Of // The // Waters X “A Different Breed” five panel caps

SBLA - Skinny Brunette Lifestyle Association 1 - streetwear five 5 panel camp safari cap hat male man fashion different breed chicks with tattoos tats tattoo ink inked sleeve sleeves halfsleeve piercing hot girl girls typography type blue mountains leura lookbook shoot autumn valley of the waters
14 Jun 2013 / in Photos

SBLA took a day trip with Kaela, Shannon, James and Tristan to Leura and The Blue Mountains and took along a few pairs of our debut five panel cap, “A Different Breed”, for the ride too. Crisp autumn air and beautiful light, SBLA’s eternal thanks to the models for braving the temperatures and the bushwalks […]

Mays Lane Graffiti – Rap Painting Vol. 1

SBLA - Skinny Brunette Lifestyle Association - mays lane graffiti air max 90 srins nike ironlak sydney australia chicks in kicks sneakers streetwear sketch black book fashion shoot rap painting supreme north face street vandal hoodlum scoundrel 5 five panel cap hat tattoo
14 Jun 2013 / in Photos

A few choice shots of SRINS x CYPHER doing their thing one sunny weekday afternoon at Mays Lane, Sydney, Australia. Nothing says All Terrain Destruction like the smell of Ironlaks, pretty ladies in Nike Air Max 90’s and post-painting XL-sized burritos, yew.

A Different Breed + Valley // Of // The // Waters Lookbook

10 May 2013 / in Photos

We had all these lovely images left over, and couldn’t just let them go to waste. So, we pieced together a digital lookbook of the Valley // Of // The // Waters photos of our first five-panel, A Different Breed. Please click here to download the PDF, and enjoy. xoSBLA